Buyer Guide – Choosing the Best Floor Jack for Your Garage

Floor Jack is one of the most basic tools that you would need in your garage for any type of car and there are many different types of floor jack available in the market. This could make the buying decision hard as the retailer might try and sell you the jack which gets him a good profit. In such a case, you must know which jack is best for you and hence we compiled a list of points that you must consider while purchasing a floor jack so that you end up buying only the best Floor Jack for your Garage.

So, here are the points that you must consider before buying a floor jack.

  • Type of Jack – There are basically three types of floor jacks available, these are Hydraulic Floor Jack, Scissor Jack and Bottle Jack. The Scissor Jack is the lightest one and it is also one of the most widely used. Apart from that, people also buy Bottle Jack or the Piston Jack for the personal use. Lastly, the hydraulic jack is mostly for the garages and for lifting heavy cars.
  • Type of Vehicle – The second factor that you might want to consider is the type of car that you would be using the jack on. This is because if you have a car that has a higher ground clearance then the spring jack might not be as useful as the hydraulic jack of the piston jack. Moreover, if you own a truck with a higher ground clearance then you must only purchase the hydraulic jack.
  • The weight of the Car – This is probably one of the most important factors while making the purchase decision. Always buy a heavy-duty hydraulic jack for a heavy car whereas you can also buy a spring jack if you own a hatchback. The jack also comes with the weight rating and you must abide by the rating or else you can end up injuring yourself. The jack slips are quite common if you go over the designated weight.
  • Material – You might also want to consider the material that is used to manufacture the jack. The two basic materials used are stainless steel and aluminum. The stainless steel jacks are much tolerant to abuse while the aluminum jacks are easy to carry.
  • Lifting Speed – You can also consider the lifting speed of the jack while purchasing the jack. There are some jacks which may require 10 or more strokes to reach height whereas, some jacks may only need 3 to 4 strokes to reach the height. The speed is directly proportional to the price and hence be ready to shell out more money if you are planning to buy a jack that is fast.

These are the factors that you must consider before buying a floor jack and do try some of the online stores before you purchase a jack from any of the offline retailers as you can get a good discount from the online store.