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Our Best iOS Beta Download Guide is Everything You Need to Check out Here

Apple announced the new iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad as well iPods in the year 2017 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. Due to the next-generation Apple’s operating system, the iOS 11 has been praised on numerous counts both by critics and users. Clearly, the iOS 11 has been one of the most successful OS releases in the last decade. As a matter of fact, in case you haven’t yet managed to buy the new iPhone X or the new iPhone 8, having iOS 11 installed even on the previous year’s iOS 7 will be an extensive thing for you. But as days are passing, tech savvies are eager to know what new changes will Apple adopt in the next OS this year. Safely to be called the iOS 12, you must be wondering how to proceed with iOS 12 beta download, even if Apple hasn’t spilled the beans about the next generation OS. So here we go.

How to Proceed with iOS 12 Beta Download? Know the Steps Here in Brief

Step 1: First and the foremost thing you must do is to make a backup of your iPhone or iPad you are using and go to iCloud in order to prevent data loss.

Step 2: Upon doing this, if you have never downloaded any iOS beta ahead of this time, you need to know that it is a must for you to create an account on the Apple Beta Software Program. Find it on the official page. And if you already have an account, all that is required for you is signing in using the credentials.

Step 3: As soon as you sign in, click on the Agree option in order to check the Terms and Conditions. You are now all ready to proceed with the iOS 13 beta download.

Note: It needs absolutely no rocket science in order to wait for Apple actually to deliver the beta ahead of you can start downloading that. For a clear idea of when you can expect this, you need to check out.

The Final Words

Now that iOS 11 is rolled out and has become a big hit with everyone, you can only wait to discover out how the tech giant comes with next OS this year. However, there is a bit of before checking the purpose. Not too much term of details about the upcoming OS has been given to us; neither will it be there before the actual announcement. So we need to look for more news and rumors in the coming days, till Apple comes with official statements, here’s the waiting.

iOS 11 Theme: The Best Theme That You Could Hope For is Finally Here

new iOS 11 theme

When it comes to features, the iOS 11 is chock-a-block with them. It is not a great stretch to suggest that this new edition of the iOS will likely be one of the best mobile operating systems in recent times. We have come across a lot of features on the new OS but by far the one that has caught our attention and our collective imagination is the fact that there is now a new iOS 11 theme. We will now talk about that in some detail.

iOS 11 Theme: What it is

Unlike previous versions of the iOS, including the iOS 10, this version has a new theme called the dark mode or the night mode. This was first evident when we got our hands on the iOS 11 beta. In this case, Apple seems to have demurred to the wishes of the customers and introduced a new theme. What does it do, exactly?

new ios 11 theme
New iOS 11 theme

Well, imagine you are inside of a movie theater, and you are receiving an incoming call. You must answer the call. You take out your device and answer it. Immediately, the whole screen lights up in all its glory. Your neighbors are particularly vexed at what you have done. And you will also have to strain your eyes thanks to the sudden burst of light.

Not only will the new night mode save your eyes, prestige, and your device’s battery, it will also help you engage in a more meaningful relationship with your Apple iPhone. By knowing all its features.

iOS 11Theme: How to Activate it

When it comes to activating the new night mode on the iOS 11, these are the steps that you must follow.

  • Plug your iPhone/iPad into the mains, so that the process does not get interrupted midway. Now go to ‘Settings.’ Then on to ‘General.’
  • Finally, under ‘General’, go to the option which says ‘Accessibility.’
  • Under ‘Accessibility’, find the ‘Display Accommodations’ option. Under that, you will find two options.
  • These will be Smart Invert and Classic Invert. Choose the latter option which is the actual dark mode enabler and which does not have the drawbacks which the Classic Invert feature did.
  • To a side of the ‘Smart Invert’ feature is a switch. Toggle it and activate.
  • Reboot your device.

Wrap up

We hope that this guide to the best features of the iOS has been useful to you. Whenever you need to turn on the new iOS 13 theme, refer to this handy guide. Also do not forget to share this post with whoever you wish to in case they want to know about this new feature.


iOS 11 specs and features to be expected

iOS 11 key specs

Apple’s forthcoming launches in 2017 has been a topic of considerable discussion in the tech industry with the enthusiasts racking their brains in order to figure out what the Cupertino-based firm is slated to launch in the upcoming months. The tech giants are expected to roll out their iPhone 7 ‘S’ variants in September but prior to that, the company is pegged to unveil the iOS 11 beta at the WWDC conference in June. Apple has been maintaining quite a consistent timeline when it comes to the iOS version launches and it seems that very little deviation from it will occur in the launch of iOS 11 as well. Start from the iOS 4 to the iOS 8, all these software were launched at the WWDC. However, the only departure from the official pattern will replicate last year’s process where the iOS 11 is announced in June but rolled out in September’s iPhone launch event.

iOS 11 will sport a smarter Siri

Siri has always been the highlight of Apple’s iPhone and iOS 11 compatibility has been stated to be a big draw. A new search by typing feature will also be onboard and will be the main things to look out for. scenarios like meetings where an out-loud Siri might cause an inconvenience. The new feature which the OS is slated to sport enables Siri to take commands via text, in turn, replying via text itself. Somewhat similar to like Google’s Allo software. With iOS 10, Apple launched the personal assistant program on their Macbook line of premium notebooks which brings the iOS 11 does bring much more advancements to Siri. The Cupertino conglomerate has now opened up Siri for third party applications as well. This functionality would enable the AI program to manage non-apple apps like Whatsapp and WeChat and perform operations with voice control instructions. Considering the fact that the other tech giants have also entered the AI forum, Siri’s advancements will definitely feature more than we know and we will get to know for sure once the iOS 11 is rolled out in June this year.

Dark Mode

iOS 11 has made the headlines a whole lot owing to the discussion involving the incorporation of Dark Mode in the upcoming OS. The previous iteration sported dark mode predominantly allowing easy access to comfortable browsing in a variety of lighting conditions. Interestingly, we have been taking in a lot of info about the new Siri and the dark mode which is the best buy option for anyone who is a keen enthusiast. There has been many aspects of the new iOS 11 compatibility which is very important as well. There has also been a lot of money being bet and is carrying on the new devices which have been setting the shelves very soon world wide as well. However, inspite of the immense positive acclaim for the feature, iOS 11 is pegged to feature without the Dark Mode owing to a much user-friendly environment adaptive interface the iOS 11 is slated to sport in comparison to its predecessor and is very good to pick up the function from the last years.

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