1.- Choose An Agent That Represents You

Selling or buying a home is, in most cases, the highest patrimonial transaction that we are going to carry out in our life.

This agent will comply with a strict code of ethics of behavior, which will be available to their clients, will tell them exactly all the fees or commissions they receive and, above all, will put the interests of the client above their own.

Having seen all of the above, one of the first questions to ask a real estate professional is how he works, whether he does the work by his own, or he is a mediator. It will be interesting if he represents us and defends our interests since he will be a real estate agent.

2.- Trust, An Essential Factor

It is crucial to be sure that the agent is the person of trust. Interview with him, ask him all the doubts. In this meeting, you can appreciate the solvency of the agent and his ethics. Ask him about his work system, tell him to introduce him to his team (make sure he has it since they promise too many things without having the equipment), and assess if he is the professional with whom he feels safe and calm.

3.- A Well-Trained Professional

Real Estate Agents

Ask him about his university education, if he belongs to the College of Real Estate Agents, if his learning is constant and what type of training he receives, if he has any accreditation or international designation, and ask him for the preparation of his team as well.

Personal Capacity

The ability to negotiate and to train in this discipline are the strengths of any real estate agent. It is usually obtained with personal capacity, experience, and specific training. So, value this virtue throughout the entire selection process.

Real Estate Market

In the interview you have with him, try to know if he shows interest in continuing to learn or is one of those who say they already know everything. The real estate market changes, and professionals who do not change with it will be outdated and outdated.

4.- Experience Is A Degree

Ask about their experience in the sector and their implementation in the area where you want to sell or buy your home. This area experience guarantees your knowledge of the market and, above all, access to a significant customer base. Also, the permanence of work in an area ensures that you can be doing a good job.

5.- The Marketing Plan

Currently to sell or buy a home we want the product to shine. To make a home shine in the market, it is essential to work before putting it on sale and spreading it properly. All this is marketing. Many agents will tell you about your marketing plan, so ask them to show it to you, introduce them to the members of your marketing team, explain what professionals or companies they work with, assess them to work with home staging or other innovative techniques that will help improve the perception of what they sell or look for, showing them the work of previous clients (photography, video, 360º video, flyers, Open house, communication plan and advertising actions, agreements with specific suppliers, etc.) do not trust the words, demand proof of what they tell you.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

Check with what suppliers work in marketing; national benchmarks are valuable for a job well done over the years. Value also systems of joint work with other professionals. Of all these techniques you and your property will benefit.

6.- The Qualification Of Clients

Ask them to tell you how they make visits to the property. A right agent will have no problem explaining the requirements of buyers or sellers. The value that depending on their personality, they will attract and retain customers or scare them away. Ask about your customer service and qualification plan, and if they employ any technical and technological means to do so.

7.- Support Throughout The Purchase-Sale Process

Value the necessary service throughout the entire process. This service will be better depending on the support team of the professional, the specialization of them, and the enthusiasm and passion that they develop as a team. Remember that you have to work on valuation, legal assistance throughout the process, financial aid, administrative structure, marketing and communication, advertising, management, advertising weapons, and experience contrasted in negotiation. Without forgetting a specific preparation throughout the process in NLP, because as we indicated at the beginning, the process of selling or buying a property has an active emotional component.

8.- Membership In An Mls And Designations

It is also essential that you value which professional organizations you belong to, Revival is the largest MLS in Valladolid, College of Real Estate Agents, national agreements with the best real estate agents such as CRS, specific compliance with the most restrictive ethical code such as REALTOR. All this, and more contribute to the real estate agent granting transparency to the process, and clarity is security and guarantee of a good job.

Ask your agent for agreements with other professionals. Always remember that the best agents have absolute respect for the profession.

9.- The Valuation Of Your Home

Rate the time to market the property and the valuation price of your home. There are agents who value the houses in excess to get the order from the sellers, but the best agents are not those who give their ears with siren songs but those who tell the truth by contrasting data, showing objective and reliable sources and elaborating a Complete comparative market analysis that will help you defend the price. As we mentioned earlier, flee from the siren songs.

10.- The Fees Of Your Real Estate Agent

Finally, value the costs that your agent will charge. Usually, the prices range between 3% and 6%. The prices are typically charged based on what the agent will invest in the marketing plan of your home. If the agent puts a sign, an ad on the internet and parsley to San Pancrazio for buyers to appear, a 3% fee can be abusive. If, on the other hand, the agent contributes with its marketing, communication and advertising techniques and processes a specific value to his property, slowing down the commercialization times and increasing the perceived value, a 6% fee can be cheap. Value what the agent offers you and what it costs you.

Real Estate Fees

As for the costs, it is essential that you know that many agents will charge you and the buyers. Besides that, these agents do not represent you, nor are they transparent with you regarding the price at which your property is sold. If a buyer pays you € 200,000 and € 20,000 to the agency, the fees of these non-transparent agencies are 10% plus what they charge you.

Be vigilant about these practices and require agents to guarantee you in writing that they will not charge buyers or tell them how much they will charge you. Remember that all you are charged is money that does not reach your pocket as a seller.