Why Should We Install Tubemate Video Downloader Today?


We all love to watch videos of different genres, be it from YouTube or from other video streaming websites. Earlier, when watching videos on smartphones was a far-fetched dream, we used to watch our favorite videos through our desktop or laptop. But as soon as the smartphones become a household device, we shifted towards this device. Now many times we want to download our favorite videos on our smartphones, but that concerning website does not allow us to do so. Here comes the importance of a video downloader. And no discussion on video downloaders can be completed without taking the name of the Tubemate video downloader. Tubemate is by far the most popular video downloading application available on the internet. And the application does not only download videos from YouTube, it also downloads videos from different other sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, and others. You can easily download Tubemate video downloader on your handsets as it has been engineered for that cause. But downloading the application on your Windows-based desktop or laptop, that requires some technical skills. Here we have described how you can download Tubemate video downloader on Windows PC without any hassle.

Tubemate apk
Download Tubemate apk

This amazing video downloading application is not officially available for the Windows platform. So to complete the task you have to download an Android emulator on Windows PC. And there is no better emulator available in the market than the AMIDuOS emulator. It is super efficient and hugely reliable. apart from that, you also need to download the latest Tubemate apk file on your device. So check out the simple steps below.

Steps to Download Tubemate Video Downloader

Step 1: Start the procedure by visiting the official website of AMIDuOS emulator and downloading it on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Next, downlaod the latest version of the Tubemate video downlaoder apk file on your desktop or laptop.

Step 3: Then go to the download flder where you have kept the Tubemate apk file and right click on it.

Step 4: Now a pop up message saying ‘Apply to DuOS’ will apper on your screen. tap on it.

Step 5: As soon as you will complete the previous step, the installation will start taking place. When it gets over, start using Tubemate video downloader on Windows-based laptop or desktop for absolutely free of cost.

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Wrap Up

The importance of  a good video downloading application is immense in today’s world. So without wasting any more moment, download Tubemate video downlaoder on your respective device today.


MovieBox for PC Download Offers a Great Range of Entertainment with a Simple Installation Process

 Thanks to the smartphones the use of different apps are now rampant, and only with them, our lives have become too easy. The services provided by these apps are just spread in almost all sectors, and entertainment is not an exception here. Today through this article we will talk about one such entertainment app, and it is MovieBox. Though an Android app, this app is available for PC also. So let us carry on with the discussion about MovieBox for PC download procedure.

Why MovieBox?

It is a free app with no hidden cost, where you can stream and download all the latest movies and television shows. It has a rich library, with HD quality. And now you can get it on Windows desktop and laptop too. So there is no way you can ignore this app. So download MovieBox for PC and enjoy movies in your spare time.

MovieBox for PC
Download MovieBox for PC

Steps to proceed with MovieBox for PC download

If you have reached the section, we can say that you are interested in knowing the MovieBox for PC download process. So then follow the steps given here, and within few minutes the app will be on your PC. But here we need to clear few things, and that is MovieBox is not available on Google App Store, and thus the .apk files are the only possible option to get the app. And as we are trying to use this Android app for PC, we will need an Android emulator that cans proxy for this Android app. We are using Nox App Player emulator here, as it is perfect for such occasions, and is absolutely free with a good review. So here we start:

  1. First, download Nox App Player Emulator on your PC Desktop or Laptop
  2. Then install the Downloaded Nox App Player File
  3. Now go to Browser and Search for Moviebox Apk file and Download it
  4. After the downloading, Right click on Apk file.
  5. Next, open it with Nox App Player Emulator.
  6. Finally, after few minutes Moviebox Apk will be installed, and now on you can watch hundreds of movies and television shows here.

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Wrap Up

 If you have any doubt regarding the app or the process of installation, then we can only say, just download the app and use it. It is one of the simplest apps to download and use. Just to let you know, there is also a MovieBox iOS app for iPhone and iPad users as well. At the end of this article, it is important to add that, if you face any trouble with the MovieBox for PC download procedure, share your issues with us by getting in touch and we will be there to help you out.

SHAREit for PC is the Fastest Cross-Platform Communication Tool for All Your Devices

Shareit on PC

Unless you absolutely detest the usage of smartphones, you must know that getting information crisscrossed between two devices is one of the most difficult things ever. Bluetooth, while also pretty fast and effective, is nowhere close to being the ideal solution. Which is why we must now use the SHAREit for Windows PC app, which is probably the fastest cross-platform communication tool meant for all manners of devices.

SHAREit for Windows PC: What are The Benefits?

First and foremost, remember that the SHAREit for PC app is a near-field communication device which is meant for a variety of devices. It is most commonly used on two smartphones when placed in proximity. SHAREit also works on computers and other associated devices. To that end, that is why we call it a cross-platform communications tool.

Using the SHAREit app, you can share all of your photos, music files, favorite video files, all of your PDF files, and even your favorite apps. All of these files can now be transferred and there are absolutely no size restrictions on the files which are being transferred.

Download SHAREit for PC

The speed at which these files are transferred from one device to another is also pretty impressive. This is one reason why so many users are so fond of the SHAREit app. Not only is it super fast, it can help the users as it has a pretty simple user interface.

You can use the SHAREit app on your phone to hook up to your computer so that you can control the phone from the computer itself. By doing so, you can access the HQ pictures on your computer, access PPT files on your computer via your phone and vice versa, and also backup all of your important files. This means that you have the full control of your devices in your own hands.

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Lastly, the app is pretty safe and secure, which means that your data is immune to prying eyes. Remember to update the app from time to time so that you have full access to all the greatest features that are periodically updated.

How to use the SHAREit for Windows PC app

Since the EXE or executable file of the SHAREit app is downloadable, you can easily download and use it on your favorite PC. It will also help you get access to all of the advantages that we mentioned in the preceding section.

Wrap up

We hope that the SHAREit for Windows PC app is a great help for all your needs. It is an app which is clean and is usable by all manners of users. Remember to bookmark this page so that you have first-hand information on all the necessary and important updates.


Mobdro for Smart TV is the Latest Way of Entertainment

Mobdro on Smart TV

You will be fascinated to know that the topic of discussion today, Mobdro for Smart TV is the first live Android TV App. Through this app, you can stream online all the videos from all around the world. Along with this, the downloading option is there too. Thus if you got a smart TV, then it is the best app for you to get for the ultimate entertainment. Through this article we will enlighten you to download Mobdro for Smart TV, so just stick to this article.

Mobdro Features

Here we will discuss the different Mobdro app features to give you the glimpses of the app.

  • You will get all the features of Mobdro like watching HD videos and some special channels etc. but you are entitled to watch all these if you avail the premium version as all these facilities are not available for the freemium version.
  • Mobdro update is always up to the date so if any bugs and issues they will fix and update the app frequently.
  • Using the search option of this app, you can type and search all videos, songs, and movies, etc.
  • Mobdro for smart tv allows you to watch the HD videos by integration of chrome-cast online.
  • Through this app, you can switch off the TV automatically at the time set option. You can also share your videos and songs with your friends and family.
Mobdro on Smart TV
Mobdro on Smart TV

How to Download Mobdro for Smart TV

If you are interested in Downloading Mobdro for Smart TV, then we are here to help you out. Follow the given instruction and this app will be on your Smart TV in few minutes.

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  1. First, you need a strong internet connection that can play streaming videos.
  2. After that click the menu option and go to settings then click network settings use wireless or cable network connection.
  3. Then go to the app store of the smart TV and as per the brand get the knowledge of how to download the app on your particular smart tv brand like that of Sony, Samsung and other TV’S.
  4. Now visit Smart TV settings and allow third-party app installation. This option is not visible for all smart Tv to enable this go to settings and click on allow installation of “unknown source.”
  5. Finally, you are set to watch movies and different channels through Mobdro for Smart TV.

Final Words

Mobdro is an app that is getting popular with each passing day, and this app can be very beneficial for those who have any intention to stream channels from all over the world. Download this app, and we are sure you will love it.

When in Need of an Entertainment App, Download Cinema Box HD for PC

Cinema box for Windows

Kudos to the technological evolution! After all, that is the reason why we have got hold of various entertainment apps. And one of them is Cinema Box, which not only can serve you a wide range of TV series but also is the mode to get hands on certain cult movies as well. Known for its high-end streaming and downloading services, Cinema Box HD has immensely gained popularity over the past few years. In this guide, we will be dealing with the process to download Cinema Box HD for PC. Read more and know the step-by-step process.

Download Cinema Box HD for PC: Can you install the App on Windows OS?

The answer is yes, you can! Although Cinema Box HD is an Android based application which is exclusively designed for the Android platform but by an effective tweak you are lucky enough to get hold of the app on your Windows device. We have given the process right below, have a look and follow them in order to download Cinema Box for PC.

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Minimum System Requirement

Mentioned below is the minimum system requirement in order to download Cinema Box for PC.

  • Windows 8.1 or 8, 7, Vista or XP.
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 5 GB of default space in the C Drive
  • An Updated 1 GB of Graphics Card.
  • Other Requirement: A fast Internet connection
Download CinemaBox for PC
Download CinemaBox for PC

Steps to Download Cinema Box for PC

Get hold of CinemaBox HD as mentioned right below in this step by step format.

Step 1: First off, you must download the CinemaBox .apk file on your Windows PC device.

Step 2: Second, you need to download and install the Nox App Player Android emulator on your Windows PC.

Step 3: Now visit the Android emulator, and on the right-hand side of Nox App Player select the ‘Add apk’ option which you will get from the toolbox there.

Step 3: After that, you will be directed to a page where you need to select the ‘I Know’ button. Hit the button. You will now be taken to the folder where Cinema Box .apk file has been successfully downloaded.

Step 4: Now you will see the Cinema Box icon appearing on the home screen of the Nox App Player Andorid emulator. The only thing that you need to do is get hold of the desired contents available via the app.

Wrap Up

We hope our guide to download Cinema Box HD for PC was appropriate for you. But not just for Windows OS, CinemaBox is also accessible to iOS devices as well. In case you have any queries then reach us with your questions via the comments.

Vidmate for Windows 10: A Guide to Download with Nox App Player

Vidmate for PC

People these days end up expecting a lot from the newly developed apps, and fortunately, some applications live up to their expectations. The amazing service called Vidmate is known for featuring several entertainment videos which can be watched on it. And on the other hand, it also gives an easy access to YouTube and other video sites for downloading videos which is actually cool. This particular app is suitable for Windows desktop and also for Android smartphone and you will end up getting an idea about how to download Vidmate for Windows 10 with Nox App Player in this article. But before that, let’s check out a few features of Vidmate that makes the application a win.

The Best Vidmate Features

Vidmate gained acknowledgment because of its awesome features, so find out the reasons for its popularity.

  • One should know that Vidmate is free and the users do not need to pay any subscription charges.
  • The entertainment service not only features Hollywood movies but a plethora of Bollywood films as well. Therefore, you can never find the service boring or monotonous.
  • There is something for the sports fanatics as well; they can get highlights from websites like ICC Cricket, ESPN Cric Info and so on.
  • Vidmate also happens to cover 200 live television shows of different categories such as Fashion, Movie, News, Music and etc.

You must have got knowledge about the Vidmate app by now so let’s move on to the steps applied to download Vidmate for Windows 10 with Nox App Player.

Vidmate for PC
Download Vidmate for Windows 10

Process to Download Vidmate for Windows 10 Using Nox App Player

The steps related to how to download Vidmate for Windows with the Android emulator is quite convenient. Here’s what to do:

  • It is very important to download the Nox App Player Android emulator first. You can surely get it from its official website.
  • Next step would be to download the apk file of the awesome entertainment service from the web.
  • Open the Android emulator now and search for ADD APK on its taskbar, click on it.
  • You will now get to see an option where you need to select I Know.
  • Then you will come across a notification now which will ask to choose a file; you need to now select the apk file which was downloaded initially.

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The process of how to download Vidmate for Windows 10 with Android emulator, Nox App Player now comes to a conclusion and you are through.

Wrap Up

We certainly hope that the process given to download Vidmate for Windows 10 with Nox App Player would turn out to be insightful for each reader. We urge you to share this article with all your friends.

iOS 11 Theme: The Best Theme That You Could Hope For is Finally Here

new iOS 11 theme

When it comes to features, the iOS 11 is chock-a-block with them. It is not a great stretch to suggest that this new edition of the iOS will likely be one of the best mobile operating systems in recent times. We have come across a lot of features on the new OS but by far the one that has caught our attention and our collective imagination is the fact that there is now a new iOS 11 theme. We will now talk about that in some detail.

iOS 11 Theme: What it is

Unlike previous versions of the iOS, including the iOS 10, this version has a new theme called the dark mode or the night mode. This was first evident when we got our hands on the iOS 11 beta. In this case, Apple seems to have demurred to the wishes of the customers and introduced a new theme. What does it do, exactly?

new ios 11 theme
New iOS 11 theme

Well, imagine you are inside of a movie theater, and you are receiving an incoming call. You must answer the call. You take out your device and answer it. Immediately, the whole screen lights up in all its glory. Your neighbors are particularly vexed at what you have done. And you will also have to strain your eyes thanks to the sudden burst of light.

Not only will the new night mode save your eyes, prestige, and your device’s battery, it will also help you engage in a more meaningful relationship with your Apple iPhone. By knowing all its features.

iOS 11Theme: How to Activate it

When it comes to activating the new night mode on the iOS 11(http://ios11updates.com), these are the steps that you must follow.

  • Plug your iPhone/iPad into the mains, so that the process does not get interrupted midway. Now go to ‘Settings.’ Then on to ‘General.’
  • Finally, under ‘General’, go to the option which says ‘Accessibility.’
  • Under ‘Accessibility’, find the ‘Display Accommodations’ option. Under that, you will find two options.
  • These will be Smart Invert and Classic Invert. Choose the latter option which is the actual dark mode enabler and which does not have the drawbacks which the Classic Invert feature did.
  • To a side of the ‘Smart Invert’ feature is a switch. Toggle it and activate.
  • Reboot your device.

Wrap up

We hope that this guide to the best features of the iOS has been useful to you. Whenever you need to turn on the new iOS 11 theme, refer to this handy guide. Also do not forget to share this post with whoever you wish to in case they want to know about this new feature.


Download PlayBox for Mac Using BlueStacks Method

PlayBox is a great app for those who love to watch movies and television series. Mac users now will be benefitted too as this app is now available for the Mac users. Though was created initially for the Android users, PlayBox is just perfect for watching HD contents. Here, in this tutorial, we will discuss how to download PlayBox for Mac with an Android emulator.

PlayBox HD Features

Here are some of the best features of this app that will surely encourage you to get the app on your Mac device. One of the most popular entertainment apps provides:

  • It supports Full HD form.
  • You can choose the resolution here.
  • Here you will get daily update movie and TV series.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • You can watch HD video any buffering.
  • The user can both stream and download.
  • This app contains a huge library of movies and TV shows.
  • All the latest movies and television series will be available.
Download Playbox for Mac
Download Playbox for Mac using Bluestacks

Download PlayBox for Mac: Follow The Steps

PlayBox HD is an Android app and to get it for Mac the user needs an Android emulator. The process of downloading and installing PlayBox HD for Mac by using BlueStacks is similar to PlayBox for Android. It is an easy process that takes few minutes to be done.

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  1. Download and install BlueStacks emulator.
  2. when you have successfully downloaded the BlueStacks emulator, launch it on your Mac.
  3. Get the latest PlayBox HD apk.
  4. Open the BlueStacks emulator on your Mac computer.
  5. Now that you have the BlueStacks emulator and the PlayBox HD apk file, open PlayBox HD apk in the BlueStacks emulator.
  6. You need to relax now because your PlayBox HD will automatically get installed.
  7. The PlayBox HD app will be available in the ‘all apps’ section. Here you will be able to view PlayBox HD app on the home screen of BlueStacks.
  8. Double click on PlayBox HD app. This was the third and the last way of downloading and installing PlayBox HD for Mac.

Last Words

Mac users will be benefitted with the app on their device as it the entertainment experience will be full of clarity and will be bigger of course. It is better than watching something on an Android phone. Thus without wasting time, download PlayBox for Mac and enjoy your favorite movie, anytime.

Download Cartoon HD for Windows: The Guide to Enjoy the Best Streaming App

Download Cartoon HD for PC

We are all dependent on the high-end technology that is offered these days. Not to be surprised, technology has provided a vast range of applications, which are not only helpful but also proves to be outstanding in this fast-paced world. Cartoon HD app serves one of the best video streaming services, and it’s one of those apps, which are reliable to the regular customers. Before going on with the process to download Cartoon HD for Windows, here’s how you will get it.

Download Cartoon HD for Windows: Things to Remember Beforehand

We are all familiar with the fact that Cartoon HD is an Android app, and that it’s not available in the official sources like the Google Play Store. So for Windows users, it becomes a hectic thing to carry forward with the installation process. But let us remind you, all your problems can be got rid of just by an Android emulator. These are the process after you get your hands on one of the most reliable Android emulators, in this case, the Nox App Player.

Cartoon HD for PC
Download Cartoon HD for PC


  • 1# First and foremost download and then install an Android emulator (in this case, the Nox App Player Android emulator) on your Windows PC.
  • 2# Now you have to get your hands on the Cartoon HD apk for your Windows PC. Download Cartoon HD and then store it somewhere you can easily locate later on.
  • 3# Now the most important thing, visit the ‘toolbar’ option immediately, as soon as you see the Android emulator to get installed.
  • 4# Now you will see an option which states “Add Apk.” Click on it immediately.
  • 5# After that a window-cum-dialogue box will appear. Don’t hesitate to click on the “I Know” option, and go for downloading the .apk file on your Windows device.
  • 6# Then, add the Cartoon HD Apk file to the installed Nox App Player Android emulator. This will, however, initiate the installation process of the app.
  • 7# Don’t rush things, and just wait for a couple of minutes. After the app installed completely, we would suggest you to reboot your Windows device and then enjoy the world class entertainment via the magnificent video downloader.

The Final Words

So folks, we hope the guide to download Cartoon HD for Windows was good enough to offer vivid knowledge. Right now, if you are lagging behind something, do ask us and solve all your queries by commenting below.


Tekken 8 Wishlist: What Can We Expect To See?

Tekken 8 wishlists

One of the most keenly and widely anticipated games in the offing is Tekken 8. This latest game in the widely popular Tekken series will push the limit as far as modern melee fighting games are concerned. How far are the Tekken 8 game’s developers willing to go to make the new game the most memorable fighting title of the last decade? This is our Tekken 8 wishlist features. We hope to incorporate all sorts of gamers’ desires.

Tekken 8 Wishlist Features: What We Want

To be sure, the list of features on the already extant Tekken games is a delight. The new game will take the franchise to greater heights and we believe that in order to do so, there are some new features which will ultimately aid in the betterment of the game. Thus, we have been led to devise certain aspects which will lend renewed credence to Tekken 8. Here are our Tekken 8 wishlist features.

Tekken 8 wishlists
Tekken 8 Wishlist Features
  • Creating Unlimited Numbers of Fighters: This feature will essentially mean that we will be able to create many new fighters with our own designs. Also, we believe that this feature is very important for the discerning gamer: it will also help create our own players with different skills taken from different players. In short, this new feature in our Tekken 8 wishlist will add to the variety on offer.
  • Make The Game VR Compatible: Pretty much everything about the Tekken franchise has been taken for a spin several times. Thus, to create that feeling of exclusivity, we must take the aid of external features like VR compatibility. Besides, the VR compatibility feature will also enable the users to migrate from a dedicated console to a TV-gaming experience. Nowadays, many manufacturers are involved in making VR headsets. If Tekken 8 does arrive with VR compatibility, it will not involve too high a rise in cost.
  • Better Graphics: Fighting games must be dynamic. This helps the users get more involved. Also, it helps the developers increase the shelf life of the game. This makes us appreciate all things associated even more.
  • Fighter Share Mode: This mode is especially important when we consider the multiplayer nature of the game. Should this feature be included, it will provide fighter-sharing mode, which means that the individual players will get to showcase their own specialized skills.

Wrap Up

In the end, we believe that these features make it to the completed game. Do you wish to contribute anything to our Tekken 8 wishlist features? Let us know.